Top marks: RIBA award for Catmose Campus



Following close on the heels of an Ofsted inspection earlier this year rating the new academy as “Outstanding”, the building has now received one of the highest awards for its design – a RIBA award. Ever since it opened last year, we have been very proud of Catmose Campus – our £23 million project comprising a new academy alongside a range of community facilities in Oakham, Rutland. Now we’re delighted that its design and learning have been recognised with two hugely important accolades.

The RIBA Awards are made annually by the Royal Institute of British Architects and recognise the very highest standards in architectural design by members of the RIBA in the UK and the European Union. We are delighted that, at a time when attention is focusing once again on the Government’s education building programme, the RIBA has chosen Catmose Campus to illustrate the latest benchmark of high quality school design. Having designed Catmose to test our ideas about future school design, we are delighted to see how well they have worked in practice.

As one of the last Building Schools for the Future projects to be completed, Catmose Campus stands as a fine example of what the programme could achieve. Now, as the Government prepares to release funding and produce design guidelines for the next wave of new school buildings, we believe that Catmose Campus provides valuable lessons for future school design.

21 June 2012