Catmose Campus, Oakham

A £24 million multi-purpose education and community masterplan.

Catmose Campus contains a 900-pupil academy, a children’s centre and nursery, a remote office for Rutland County Council, an adult learning centre, a learning disability resource centre, a theatre, an art gallery, a sports centre and health club, and a new civic space in front of the building.

We worked with our client from the outset to develop the parameters of the brief, before conducting a thorough consultation process with users and other stakeholders. Laid out as four adjacent pavilions, Catmose Campus provides a strong marker presence to Oakham without being overbearing, while parallel and intersecting axes provide views through the plan and across the site, knitting the campus into its semi-rural setting. A strong axial route provides clear navigability. Catmose could easily have been overwhelmingly complicated, but succeeds thanks to the application of simple architectural principles that have delivered a usable and popular scheme where a diverse range of community facilities exists comfortably side by side.

“Catmose Campus has the potential to become an exemplar education building. The site layout is well-organised and coherent, while the architecture is robust and rational with inherent flexibility and adaptability.”
Ken Shuttleworth, CABE Schools Design Review panel chair

“EllisMiller are team players, they have responded to the significant challenges raised on this complex project in a professional and timely fashion.”
Craig Benham, Project Manager, Galliford Try

RIBA Regional Award 2012
Galvanisers Association Architectural Award 2012

Ellis Miller Achitects Catmose Campus, Oakham
Ellis Miller Achitects Catmose Campus, Oakham
Ellis Miller Achitects Catmose Campus, Oakham
Ellis Miller Achitects Catmose Campus, Oakham